Total Termite Protection: All Termites, All the Time

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Subterranean termites are active pests across all of Nebraska. These swarming insects, which make their homes in moist earth and wood, cause an estimated $5 billion in damages every year. For a single home, the cost of an infestation typically reaches over $7,000 before the pests' presence is even noticed, and these damages are not covered by most home policies.

To protect Omaha residents and businesses from these ever-present parasites, Truly Nolen has developed the Total Termite Protection Plan. This one-of-a-kind prevention program involves the thorough application of exclusionary treatments that are able to keep out all potential termites. We are so confident in the effectiveness of our treatment methods that we back our Total Protection Plan with a full guarantee: any qualifying home that experiences a termite infestation after treatment receives financial compensation for the damages and a complete reapplication of the treatment free of charge.

Know the Enemy

For Omaha residents, subterranean termites present the largest threat of infestation. They feed on the wood of your home and can lay up to 80,000 eggs per day. These pests can cause serious damages to wooden structures anywhere in the city, from Midtown to South Omaha and also out west.

Part of the problem with termites is that they leave few signs that can reveal their presence in the early stages of infestation: If you see any dropped wings, waste near doors or windows or mud tubes running alongside the home's exteriors, a pest control professional should be contacted immediately.

All-Encompassing Protection

There are over 40 different species of termites in the United States alone. World-wide, the number swells to over 2,500, and those are only the known species. Truly Nolen Pest Control is the only pest management expert to guarantee protection from all termite damage.

Using our proprietary application technology, our technicians can spread control products through nearly invisible cracks and crevices, transforming the termite's meal of choice into an unappetizing repellent. The exterior of the home is further fortified with our advanced liquid treatment, poured in trenches along the foundation and slabs.

At Truly Nolen, we also understand each termite's unique behavior and are able to identify elements around the home that may attract their unwanted attention. By taking proactive measures, all at-risk structures can significantly reduce their chances of infestation.

Ensure that your home is protected with Truly Nolen. Through our website, you can schedule a free inspection and find detailed information on all our products and services. Our dedicated support staff is always on-hand to answer your questions and help you protect your home.

Application technology makes the difference

Finished Surfaces
Termite Control Application - Tornado Termite Control Application - Material Mister Termite Control Application - Liquid Application
Treats behind paint. Penetrates through and follows barely visible wood imperfections.
Active ingredient mixes with water to act as propellant. Next, high-pressure air forces mixture deep into cracks and crevices.
Active ingredient applied in places other methods can't reach. Get coverage inside door and window jambs, sills, moldings.
Termite Control Surface Treatment
Interior Voids
HP Mister
Termite Control Application - Material Mister Termite Control Application - Liquid Application
Covers surfaces of unfinished wood. Applied in open areas and through wall voids.
Active ingredient mixes with high-pressure water to act as propellant. Creates small droplets for full coverage.
Smaller droplets apply more active ingredient more places. Suitable application for attic and wall voids.
Termite Control Interior Voids
Soil Treatments
Liquid Treatments
Termite Control Application - Liquid Application
Poured in trenches or drillings to protect foundations, slabs and tub traps.
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